Fisherman claims to see crocodile in Hampshire lake


An angler in Hampshire has claimed he "clearly" saw a two-foot crocodile lurking in the lake he was fishing in.

Alan Pragnell, 64, was fishing from the banks of a lake near Ringwood, Hants, when the crocodile grabbed hold of the fish he was reeling in.

When it let go, the animal was sitting right in front of him, said Mr Pragnell.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "It was quite clear enough. It was a matter of inches away, just lying there. It was a crocodile.

"It was about two foot long. I was looking at it in disbelief. It had four legs and a tail. It was there for about ten seconds and then sunk down into the depths. I know pike. I know what I saw."

Mr Pragnell said his catch had been left "shredded" by the crocodile. He informed the Ringwood District and Anglers Association after his encounter.

Alan says he has faced a lot of ridicule for his claims, but that he is sure about what he saw. He said: "I am as sure as sure is. I'm 64 I have been fishing since I was six. What would be the point in lying? I reckon someone had it as a pet and just chucked it over the fence when it got too big."

With no further sightings, the association closed the case. Peter Hutchinson, the club vice president, said: "Nothing's been seen since and I'm sure that if was a crocodile it would have died during the winter because it was so cold."

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