Wonders of the World called "pathetic" and "shoddy" by TripAdvisor reviewers


17. Great Wall at Mutianyu, China

Unimpressed tourists have taken to TripAdvisor to express their views of the new Wonders of the World and some of the reviews are hilarious to read.

One holidaymaker who visited the Great Wall of China said it was "much better on TV", while others made comments about the "very stinky smell" and another asked "why is it so great?"

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan received complaints about being a "rip off" and one user commented it was "SO overrated".

The reviews were collected by deathandtaxesmag.com and included Rio's Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu and the Colosseum.

Rome's Colosseum was said to be "shoddily maintained and poorly organised" by a user who warned "do not see!!!"

Read more of the funny reviews here

The seven wonders of the world - in Britain

The seven wonders of the world - in Britain

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