Bruce Forsyth approached by beggar outside museum in Florence


Bruce Forsyth

Strictly Coming Dancing star Bruce Forsyth and his wife Wilnelia Merced were accosted by a beggar in front of other tourists during their holiday in Italy this week.

The pair were standing in line to enter Florence's world-renowned Uffizi gallery on their culture break.

The 85-year-old entertainer was next to his former Miss World wife when the elderly beggar asked him for money, the Daily Mail reports.

Brucie pretended to be shocked at being approached and hassled on his holiday.

But the veteran TV host soon showed his soft side and gave the Roma woman some money.

Bruce Forsyth

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a witness said: "The gypsy woman asked him for money, and Bruce threw up his hands pretending to be terrified.

"He was just joking, messing around, but the woman moved on.

"Then afterwards he saw her in the piazza, and said something to her. He was smiling, and put something in her hand."

Bruce and Wilnelia were enjoying a short break from his busy schedule in the Italian city.

Other celebs who have enjoyed trips to Florence include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Teri Hatcher and Kim Kardashian.

This summer Tom Cruise's daughter Bella visited the city and travelled with Ryanair instead of taking her dad's private jet.

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