Family seeks justice after pet dog poisoned on Cornwall beach


Dogs poisoned on Long Rock beach in Cornwall, family wants justice for pet killed

A family whose dog was poisoned during a walk on the beach in Cornwall have called for those responsible to be brought to justice.

The Garrett-Peel family were on holiday on the Cornish coast and took a walk on Long Rock beach with their pet miniature schnauzer, Zanzi, when they noticed him eating something "really unpleasant".

Zanzi became ill and died two days later after eating what has now been identified as non-toxic palm oil.

Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

According to This is Cornwall, the palm oil had washed up on a number of beaches around Cornwall.

Speaking to the news website, Mrs Garrett-Peel, from Wiltshire, said her beloved pet became distressed and had difficulty breathing after eating the substance.

Zanzi was rushed to the vet and given an emergency operation to remove the palm oil which created a glue-like blockage in his sides.

Vets were unable to save him and the family were left devastated at losing their three-year-old dog on holiday.

Mrs Garrett-Peel said: "It's appalling these ships can do this. Who knows what damage it has done to the sea life? I would like an apology. I would like the recognition that they have done something wrong and for them to take responsibility for the distress."

The palm oil was also found on beaches in Penzance, Praa Sands and Porthcurno.

The BBC reports that a beach walker who reported the "glutinous" substance to coastguards said it smelled like firelighters.

David Fenwick said: "Some were the size of a cow pat, while others were much smaller, scattered all over the beach."

Dog owner Paul Moseley's golden retriever became ill after coming into contact with the palm oil at Praa Sands.

"Within 15 minutes she was sick," he said. "I presume she had eaten a small piece or licked it.

"Some of the pieces were as small as marbles."

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