Taxi driver takes passenger to the wrong country

Taxi im Abonnement - Hessen startet Pilotprojekt

A drunken reveller in Germany ended up quite a few miles from home - in fact in another country altogether - when a taxi driver misheard him and took him to Belgium.

After heading to a nightclub last weekend, the 27-year-old Aachen native jumped into a cab waiting outside and asked the taxi driver to take him 'nach hause', (home) to the nearby area of Herzogenrath.

But the taxi driver thought he said 'nach Hauset', and took him to the small village across the border in Belgium, reports the Daily Mail.

The passenger did not realise the mistake until he reached Hauset, which was three kilometres across the border in Belgium.

The taxi driver then took the man to his actual home, but when he presented the passenger with a €70 fare, the man could not pay it.

According to, the man now faces fraud charges.

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