Drunk airline passenger who behaved "outrageously" jailed for five months


Drunk airline passenger who behaved 'outrageously' jailed for five months

A drunken passenger who tried to "kick, punch, head butt and bite" cabin crew on a Thomas Cook Airlines flight from Turkey to Belfast has been jailed.

Michael Paul McGrath, 20, was told by District Judge Alan White that his behaviour was "outrageous" and was jailed for five months.

A court heard how McGrath, from Lurgan, County Armagh, was disorderly and assaulted cabin crew and other holidaymakers on the plane.

During the incident on 9 August, he had to be physically restrained on the flight to Belfast International Airport.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that McGrath "pushed a member of staff in the back" and was "disruptive" when he was told to sit down.

He tried to take his clothes off and told the crew to "f*** off".

Prosecuting lawyer Dylan Cole said that the 20-year-old lashed out at passengers and crew with his hands, head and feet, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Mr Cole added that "women and children clambered over the seats to the rear to get away from him" before he was finally restrained and fell unconscious.

According to the BBC, two passengers restrained him at 20,000ft using handcuffs supplied by cabin crew.

Police met the flight when it arrived and arrested McGrath.

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