London's taxis voted "the best in the world"


London taxi black cab voted best in the world

London's taxi drivers are the cleanest and friendliest in the world, and London cabbies have the best knowledge of their area, and are the safest drivers.

So says a new poll of more than 2,600 respondents from 30 countries, which put the capital at the top of a global list in five out of seven categories.

Unsurprisingly, London's black cabs didn't make the top spot for value for money. The cities of New York and Bangkok came joint first for fair fares - and New York's famous yellow taxis also grabbed the top spot when it came to availability.

The survey also revealed strange objects left behind in cab, which included a wig and a bird in a cage left behind in a US cab; a prosthetic leg left in an Australian taxi and a set of dentures in Germany.

Globally, the survey found that people tend to text or email while in a cab (19 per cent), while sleeping was the second most popular activity (15 per cent), followed by eating (10 per cent) and kissing (9 per cent).

When asked which nation was the most amorous in the back of a cab, Britons came out top, with 14 per cent admitting to displaying passionate behaviour - 10 per cent higher than the global average of four per cent.

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