Island of Japan tsunami debris the size of Texas floats to America


Island of Japanese tsunami debris the size of Texas headed for America

A massive island of debris the size of Texas is floating across the Pacific Ocean to America after the tsunami hit Japan in 2011.

A new study has revealed that the debris is approximately 1,700 miles off the Pacific coast, between California and Hawaii.

Over one million tonnes of debris was created after the tsunami and it is still creeping across the ocean.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that the scattered debris could show up intermittently along shorelines over the next year or more.

Rooftops, footballs, a small boat and a motorbike have all washed up on North American coasts.

In addition to the debris, slightly radioactive water flushed from the Fukushima nuclear reactor should come ashore in 2014, Discover Magazine reports.

Amazing tsunami clouds

Amazing tsunami clouds

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