Six killed as tourist ferry capsizes and sinks in Thailand


Thai rescuers carry an injured tourist on to the pier after being rescued from the sea after a boat accident in Pattaya, southeastern Thailand Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013. Six tourists, including two Russians and a Chinese, were killed when an overcrowded ferry sank, police said. (AP Photo/Daily News) THAILAND OUT

A packed tourist ferry carrying 150 people sank off the popular Thai holiday resort of Pattaya on Sunday, killing six passengers.

Three foreign tourists are among the six dead passengers in Thailand. It is believed two of the foreigners are Russian.

Police said 15 people were injured, including a Russian child who was seriously hurt.

A police official told AFP: "There are six dead - three Thais and three foreigners."

The double-decker ferry sank on Sunday afternoon near the small island of Koh Larn, which is popular among day-trippers.

According to Sky News, dozens of ambulances rushed to Pattaya beach to treat casualties.

Tourists were led to safety, some carried on stretchers.

Local media said the cause of the boat sinking was engine failure.

Pattaya, located around 100 miles from Bangkok, is one of Thailand's most popular holiday resorts.

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