Boy, 6, attacked by shark on holiday in Florida


Boy, 6, survives shark attack on holiday in Florida after good Samaritans fight off predator

A 6-year-old boy was attacked by a shark on holiday in Miami, Florida and managed to escape after bystanders fought off the animal.

Logan Hamby, from Alabama, was on an autumn break with his parents and was in the sea when they heard him scream.

"I immediately started getting up," his father told Alex City Outlook. "I thought it was a jellyfish."

As he approached his son, Kenneth Hamby saw a shark fin surface before the four to six-foot shark bit Logan's leg and tried to drag him under the water.

Logan's parents grabbed hold of him and tried to pry the shark's mouth open.

According to New York Daily News, a pair of passers-by jumped into the water and tackled the shark, punching its head to make it let go of the boy.

Logan's bleeding leg was wrapped in a T-shirt and he was attended by emergency workers.

He was left with five deep puncture marks and hundreds of other teeth marks.

Doctors stitched up his leg and the family considered cancelling the rest of the holiday but their brave son insisted on staying in Miami and even taking a fishing trip the next morning.

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