British holidaymaker dies in Ibiza hotel room after freak fall


A British holidaymaker who died in an Ibiza hotel room after slipping over in his socks and smashing his head on the tiled floor has now had his death ruled as an accident.

Christopher Biggs, 25, got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, skidded on the surface and fell on his back, bashing his head.

He was found dead in his room at the two-star Apolo Hotel after partying in the area of San Antonio, the Evening Standard reported at the time.

He returned to the hotel with his roommate Paul Burke at around 2.44am on Sunday 4 August. Cameras showed Mr Burke dashing out of the hotel room at 9.24am the next day and calling for help for nearby rooms before paramedics arrived.

Blackburn Coroners Court have this week ruled his death a tragic accident.

Toxicology tests showed he had drunk the equivalent of seven or eight pints of beer.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Burke said he did not know anything had happened until he woke up in the morning: "I just saw Briggsy, he had his head out of the door and his body halfway in the bathroom. He was laid on the floor on his back, his feet were in the bathroom.

"It was very slippy, it was tiled. He was wearing grey or blue socks. You know those marble floors, you can slip across them."

Coroner Michael Singleton recorded a verdict of accidental death and ruled there was "no evidence of crass stupidity", calling the incident a "tragedy", reports the Daily Mail.

Mr Briggs' father described losing his son as "devastating". According to the Daily Mail, he said: "Everybody liked Christopher. He was a wonderful son and what happened was just a horrible thing."

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