Pictures: Bizarre lightning strikes around the world

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice - but that clearly doesn't apply to one man who was struck on four separate occasions in south America. Amazingly, he survived each strike, but he's not the only person to fall victim to Mother Nature and be struck by lightning, and some of them weren't so fortunate.

One of the weirdest lightning incidents we've ever heard of, for example is when an entire football team in the Congo was killed during a storm. Inexplicably, the opposing team walked away unscathed.

Then there was the biker in Croatia was unfortunate enough to be hit by a bolt in the penis while stopping for a roadside toilet break. And in America, a woman thought she was safe inside a supermarket doing her weekly shop during a thunderstorm but was unlucky enough to be struck at the checkout.

Apparently, climate change means that we're seeing more lightning storms than ever before, so it's not surprising that our collection of bizarre stories keeps growing. We've rounded up the most bizarre lightning stories that have hit the headlines - see the photos below for more.

Have you had any odd experiences with weird weather? Leave a comment and let us know below.

Most bizarre lightning stories

Most bizarre lightning stories

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