Man arrested and homes evacuated after 'bomb parts' found in airport luggage


Man arrested and homes evacuated after 'bomb parts' found ini airport luggage

A 71-year-old man has been arrested at Canadian airport on Sunday after 'bomb parts' were found in his luggage.

The potentially explosive device was found in his carry-on luggage at Montreal' s Trudeau International Airport at 5.40am on Sunday.

Police were so concerned about the find that they searched the man's apartment, evacuating around 20 of his neighbours as a precaution.

The suspicious package was spotted at a security checkpoint as the man was trying to board a plane to Los Angeles.

Mathieu Larocque of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) said the inspection agents called Montreal police, who then launched an investigation.

Larocque told CTV Montreal that a "potential ammunition, potential explosive device" was found in the carry-on.

Police spokesman Ian Lafreniere told the Belfast Telegraph: "It was different parts of a potential device. To make that a little clearer, let's say you are trying to do a bomb inside the luggage, but one thing was missing: no explosives, but it was different parts of a dangerous device."

Evacuated residents were allowed to return home to the LaSalle area at about 10pm, while up to 800 passengers were affected by 16 flight delays following the incident.

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