St Jude Day Storm: Britons warned to "stay inside" during first day of half-term


St Jude Day Storm: Britons warned to 'stay inside' during first day of half-term

Britons have been warned to "be prepared" and "stay inside if possible" as the powerful St Jude Day Storm makes its way towards the UK on the first day of the half-term period.

The Met Office says: "A developing storm is expected to reach the UK later on Sunday. This is expected to run northeastwards, across England and Wales during Monday, with very strong winds on its southern and western flanks.

"We are expecting gusts of 60-70 mph widely and locally over 80 mph, especially on exposed coasts, both in the southwesterly winds ahead of the low centre and west to northwesterly winds behind it.


"20 to 40 mm of rain may fall within 6 to 9 hours, leading to localised flooding, especially where drainage is impeded by wind-blown debris."

Amber warnings of wind have been issued, as well as yellow warnings of rain.

"A spell of persistent heavy rainfall is likely to spread across northern parts of both Wales and England as well as parts of the north Midlands during Monday," the Met Office said on its website on Sunday morning.

"Strong to gale force west or northwest winds could also develop during Monday morning.


"The public should be aware of the potential for surface water flooding."

Speaking to Metro, Darron Burness of the AA, said: "Don't gamble driving down flooded roads and think twice before crossing a ford. If you're using a sat-nav, be sensible and try to stick to the main routes where possible."

Fire chiefs said: "Stay inside if possible. Take extra care if you do venture outside. Clear gardens, balconies, and window sills of anything that could be blown away. If you have a power cut, be very careful if you use candles."

The Metropolitan Police said it is expecting a higher volume of calls over the next few days.

Police have urged people to only dial 999 to report genuine emergencies to keep emergency lines open as hurricane-strength winds hit.

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