Plane lands on highway in Hawaii after losing power


Passengers left thinking they will die as engine blows on plane in Hawaii,

A plane made an emergency landing on a highway in Hawaii after it lost all power.

The quick-thinking pilots made the amazing landing saving all eight passengers on board.

The Huffington Post reports that the passengers immediately knew something was wrong and made calls home to their families.

Speaking to Hawaii News Now, one passenger said: "It just went 'boom' and then there were some odd sounds after and there was a series of sparks and stuff flying out of the aircraft."

The pilots pointed the nose of the small aircraft down, which was terrifying for the passengers, but allowed the plane to gain speed and glide over a long distance.

Jeff Erb, a commercial pilot and former flight instructor, told Hawaii News Now: "I give [the pilots] a 10, a 10-plus."

An investigation is being carried out to find out why the aircraft suddenly lost power.

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