Cat fight! Love is NOT in the air as lioness puts her paw down


Love is NOT in the air: Scary moment lioness puts her paw down

A lioness made herself VERY clear she wasn't in the mood for love when she spurned the advances of a male lion - with a ferocious swipe.

The king of the jungle was seen taking a keen interest in the young female but was quickly put in his place after nearly receiving a slash to the face.

In pictures taken in Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa, the two are then seen displaying their frightening gnashers in a bid to prove their dominance.

Cat fight! Love is NOT in the air as lioness puts her paw down

But despite being the usually-dominant male, it seems that this big cat still has a lot to learn about the opposite sex.

South African photographer, Brendon Jennings, 42, managed to capture the moment after following the couple for a few days while leading a tour group on safari.

Brendon told Caters News: "Lion mating is very intense, and it's obvious to see the lioness wasn't in the mood.

"The male lion has to be careful during the mating process, the lioness is still a deadly predator, she has to be keen to mate or she will chase him off.

"Although the lioness wasn't interested at this point in time, it was only temporary and the two did end up mating eventually.

"Despite being about six metres away, I was in no danger as they were focused on their own activities and I sat very still as not to disturb them."

World's most amazing safaris

World's most amazing safaris

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