Eight injured after severe turbulence hits plane at Dublin Airport


Eight injured after severe turbulence hits plane at Dublin Airport

One passenger was taken to hospital and seven others injured as a United Airlines flight from New York hit severe turbulence during landing at Dublin Airport.

Flight UA23 from New York to Dublin was carrying 129 passengers and eight crew members on its Boeing 757.

It managed to land safely, but some passengers reportedly sustained injuries due to a drop in altitude when turbulence hit.

NBC News reports that the trouble started after the flight began its descent.

The pilot reportedly said to air traffic control: "We hit a pretty bad downdraft and we have some passengers hurt so we need some ambulances to meet the flight."

And, indeed, a Dublin Airport Authority spokesperson confirmed to the Independent.ie that the police and emergency services attended the landing "as a standard and precautionary measure".

A United Airlines spokeswoman told the Nationalist: "One customer was taken to hospital to receive medical attention and has since been discharged.

"Seven other customers sustained minor injuries and were released by medical services."

She added: "Our customer service team in Dublin is supporting our customers.

"Safety of our customers and crew is our highest priority, and we are conducting a review into what happened."

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