Woman returns from holiday to find home stripped bare


Woman returns from holiday to find home stripped bare

A mum returned from holiday to find that her house had been cleared after housing association staff had stripped the wrong house.

The woman called 999 believing she had been burgled, when she found all her clothes missing, no carpets, curtains or her washing machine and fridge-freezer in her terraced house in Gorton, Manchester.

Police discovered that these had been thrown away by Eastlands Homes workers.

An Eastlands Homes spokesperson told Manchester Evening News: "We can confirm that we removed a number of goods from a private home by mistake.

"We have put the matter right and replaced goods without any formal agreement and to the satisfaction of the resident who has accepted our sincere apologies."

According to the Daily Mirror, it is not clear how workers got inside the woman's house, which is not an Eastlands Home property.

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