Britain set for 'month-long' bout of bad weather


Britain set for 'month-long' bout of bad weather

The blustery and wet weather experienced across the UK over the weekend is set to continue over the next few weeks, warn experts.

Heavy and thundery showers have been reported in the south, with even a 'mini tornado' damaging around 100 homes in Hampshire, reports the BBC.

One eyewitness said the sky went "extremely black" before the tornado whipped up, being "30ft to 40ft across".

Another man from Guildford in Surrey said he discovered his beach hut had moved six foot across the sand.

Now forecaster are warning that the next three to four weeks will see lots of rain, with winds possibly getting up to 80mph.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "The rest of October to early November will continue very changeable and wet with a series of low pressure systems moving rapidly eastwards from the Atlantic in a strong jet stream.

"A risk of gales developing by Monday 28 October as a very deep low pressure centre moves west from the Atlantic across northern Britain.

"The exact track is uncertain at this early stage but there is a risk of severe gales over western Britain, and around coasts storm-force winds for a time.

"Gusts in excess of 70mph to 80mph possible. Precipitation will also be above average over the west for the next two weeks with as much as 200% of normal for parts of the north west.

"Near to slightly above normal in more sheltered parts of eastern England."

The good news? Leon added: "Temperatures generally above normal, especially in the south."

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