British woman jailed for 'sex in taxi' in Dubai 'could have faced stoning'


British woman jailed for 'sex in taxi' in Dubai 'could have faced stoning'

An innocent English woman who was jailed for three months for allegedly having sex with an Irishman in the back of a taxi in Dubai has spoken out about her ordeal.

Rebecca Blake, from Surrey, was sentenced to 41 days for having sex outside marriage, but ended up serving 95 days because they 'forgot' about her.

According to the Daily Mail, the 30-year-old had been forced to lie about the fact she was actually married because she would have faced a severe punishment for adultery - even the possibility of being stoned to death.

Rebecca and Connor Redmond both denied the charge of "breach of honour with consent" and "committing an indecent act in a taxi".

They admitted a charge of consuming alcohol in public.

They were arrested in the taxi on 4 May 2012 after meeting earlier that day at a hotel brunch and heading on to an Irish bar.

Pakistani taxi driver Qaiser Khan, 29, said he picked the pair up at around 11pm and witnessed them having sex.

According to the Daily Mail, he said: "They kept having sex for four minutes. The man's shirt was open, his trousers were down to his knees and the woman was not wearing any underwear."

He then pulled over a told a policeman.

But the couple's lawyer, Shaker al Shammary, say they have always denied the charges, and that the taxi driver made up the story because Redmond had argued with him about taking them on a longer route than necessary.

He told the Irish Central: "My clients live here and they know Dubai so they knew the quickest route. The taxi driver saw he was drunk and thought he should go to the police before he had a chance to complain.

As soon as he saw a police car he pulled over and said they were having sex.

'When the officer came over, they had their clothes on and were not doing anything. The witness statements do not tally.

He added: "The medical records show what the witnesses said was not true but this was not taken into account in the ruling."

Speaking to the Express, Rebecca described how, after being arrested, she was strip-searched and taken to a "filthy and overcrowded" cell where the toilet was a hole in the floor.

She had to undergo an "horrific" test to see if she had engaged in intercourse, and the tests came back clear. But she was still jailed.

Her lawyer then asked if the pair would consider marrying and, while Conor agreed, Rebecca had to explain how she was still technically married from six years before.

She said the lawyer then "panicked" she'd be done for adultery - an offence that can carry a death sentence in Dubai.

Rebecca added: "People need to be aware of the dangers of Dubai. There's a dark side, and anyone can be the victim.

"It feels like a surreal nightmare. I still wake up in the night panicking, thinking I'm back in that cell."

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