In pictures: Hotels with iconic views


Talk about room with a view! If you're looking for a hotel with the best views of the world's iconic attractions, you'll want to check out these rooms.

Fancy waking up to the White House on your trip to Washington DC, or a mesmerising vista of the Eiffel Tower on a romantic break in Paris? We've found the hotels that boast the most breathtaking views of some of the planet's greatest sights.

In London, one of the best hotels for a view of the London Eye is Park Plaza County Hall, while Crater Lake Lodge is located so close to Oregon's Crater Lake you can almost touch it. And there's only one hotel in India where we want to spend our days gazing at the Taj Mahal.

See our photos of the most iconic views from hotel rooms. Don't book your next holiday without checking these out!

Hotels with iconic views

Hotels with iconic views

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