British bride's Caribbean wedding horror as groom murdered by gunmen


British bride's Caribbean wedding horror as groom murdered by gunmen

A bride's dream wedding in Jamaica turned into a nightmare after masked gunmen burst into the reception and shot the groom dead.

Jacqueline Cousins, 49, had just tied the knot with Dameion Cousins, 31, in an intimate ceremony at his house in the Caribbean.

Mrs Cousins, a family support worker from Hornsey, North London, said the men claimed the groom owed them $10,000 Jamaican dollars - just £60.


Jacqueline met Dameion on a trip to Jamaica to visit her parents 11 years ago. They did not start dating until seven years later, after the end of Jacqueline's first marriage.

They continued a long-distance relationship and Dameion proposed on New Year's Day in 2012.

They married at his Jamaican home in July 2013, in a ceremony attended by just 17, which Jaacqueline described as "beautiful".

The reception was also held at the property in Hart Hill, and towards the end of the evening Dameion left to drop his two daughters home to their mother.

While he was gone, two armed gunmen burst into an upstairs bedroom where Jacqueline and her mother-in-law, Dorothy, 80, were chatting. The men said "Where is the Rasta?", claiming he owed them money and searching for valuables.

Dameion then pulled into the drive and was shot dead, before the gunmen ran off.


According to the Express, Jacqueline said: "I started screaming and screaming and I could not believe what I was seeing.

"I lay down next to him and I put my head on his chest. I realised he was dead.

"We were just two people who really loved each other and had taken that move to be together and just a few hours later this is what I was dealing with."

The pair had planned to move back to England to start a new life together. To date, nobody has been caught or prosecuted for the murder.

According to the Daily Mail, Jacqueline said: "I just want answers. The two men who killed my husband are still out there.

"Everybody loved Dameion. He got on with everyone. I think it was simply jealousy that he might have left the country and had a life with me."

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