Weirdest ever restaurant opens: Would you pay to eat on a toilet?


Magic Restroom Cafe

A brand new restaurant which has opened just outside Los Angeles is offering diners the chance to do something they've never been able to do before (at least, not in public): sit on the toilet while they dine.

Why? We have absolutely no idea.

According to the restaurant's owner, Yo Yo Li, toilet-themed restaurants are a big hit in her native China and Taiwan. Gadling reports that she decided to bring the idea to the US, opening the Magic Restroom Cafe in City of Industry, California, just east of Los Angeles, on October 11.

The seats at the Magic Restroom Cafe are real toilets (although they're not actually plumbed in, which is a relief).

And if you thought that wasn't silly enough, wait until you hear what's on the menu. Dishes include the signature dish, golden poop rice, and if that doesn't take your fancy, you can always try" black poop," "smells-like-poop," "bloody number two," and "constipation."

Is it going to be a success? Watch this space, but we're not hopeful. After all, would you pay to eat bowel-movement-themed food while sitting on a toilet?

Thought not.

See more weird and wacky restaurants in our slideshow below.

Weird restaurants around the world

Weird restaurants around the world

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