Video: Kangaroo surprises tourists by hopping into Melbourne Airport pharmacy


A kangaroo shocked tourists and staff by hopping into a pharmacy - on the second floor terminal at Melbourne Airport, Australia.

The eastern grey kangaroo is thought to have been hit by a car before frantically bouncing into the airport.

He was tranquillised by volunteer wildlife rescuers and safely put into a bag after being found in the skincare section.

A spokesman from the animal welfare organisation Wildlife Victoria told the Daily Telegraph: "Cyrus, named after one of the helpers on the scene, will be assessed by a vet following his ordeal."

But he was described by one expert as "very stressed".

According to the Mirror, Amy Amato told Guardian Australia: "It has injuries to its teeth, of all things, which we aren't sure if he got from bashing into something.

"Hopefully it will survive the night. Kangaroos can get a condition called capture myopathy, which is caused by severe stress and can kill them. This animal was very stressed."

Kangaroos are not an uncommon sight at the airport as they live in the bushland surrounding it. The runways are guarded to prevent flight interference, however, and it is not often they are spotted browsing the shops.

In January, another eastern grey kangaroo gave police the run around after finding its way into the Melbourne Airport car park.

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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