First-class seats to be axed on trains to ease overcrowding?


First-class seats to be axed on trains to ease overcrowding?

Travelling first-class on the train could become a thing of the past after calls to scrap the luxury carriages and replace them with more standard seating for commuters.

Research by the Daily Telegraph found that only half of first-class seats were occupied on trains arriving at mainline London stations, while standard class carriages were overcrowded and saw many passengers standing.

The survey looked at trains arriving at Paddington, Liverpool Street, Kings Cross and Waterloo between 8am and 9am on three consecutive weekdays.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told the Telegraph: "It is sensible to think about the mix of first and standard-class carriages on our railways and it is something we are looking into.

"Equally, it is important to be absolutely clear that it is not a solution to the serious capacity issues we face."

A spokesman for consumer watchdog London TravelWatch told the Daily Mail: "Where there are overcrowded trains and still space in first class, operators should do what they have done in the past and be flexible and change the allocation."

Recent government figures revealed that one in five London-bound commuters have to stand on the train during morning rush hours.

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