Tourists wade through Venice waters for first 'Acqua Alta' flooding of season


Tourists wade in Venice waters during first 'Acqua Alta' flooding of season

The Acqua Alta floods have returned to the streets of Venice for the first time this season and tourists have been forced to wade through the water barefoot. SCROLL DOWN FOR SLIDESHOW

Acqua Alta is the name of the phenomenon caused by a combination of high tides and strong winds blowing across the Mediterranean called sirocco.

The Acqua Alta made its first appearance of the season to the Floating City this week and tourists and Venetians were seen making their way through the water around the Italian city.

According to The Weather Channel, tides reached a height of 100cm.

St Mark's Square and surrounding walkways became a wild water park and visitors were pictured walking on temporary bridges to avoid the water.

The City of Venice tourism website says the Acqua Alta usually lasts a few hours during the peak of the high tide and is most likely to occur in November and December.

See photos from this year's early arrival of the Acqua Alta in Venice:

'Acqua Alta' flooding returns to Venice

'Acqua Alta' flooding returns to Venice

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