Brrr! Gale-force winds and heavy rain set in for the weekend


Brrr! Gale-force winds and heavy rain set in for the weekend

The 60mph winds that battered Britain's east coastline on Thursday will now be joined by a series of heavy downpours and below-average temperatures, say experts.

The strong winds are likely to stick around into next week, with residents in Norfolk really feeling its force on Thursday, where huge waves triggered flooding.

Waves were also pictured crashing over sea walls further north at Seaburn near Sunderland.

The winds will be joined by heavy rain, and will make it feel even colder than it actually is.

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said some parts of the North could see temperatures drop as low as -2C (28F) over the next few days.

He told the Express: "This is going to be the first real taste of winter. Wind from the Arctic region is going to make it feel very cold. Saturday is looking quite menacing."

Met Office spokeswoman Laura Young said the weekend would remain windy on the east coast and in the Midlands, reaching 40mph, on Friday and Saturday.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "We have got some heavy showers in the south east at first on Friday and further outbreaks of mainly light rain particularly in central eastern England.

'This is going to turn quite heavy in south east England and east England because of the wind - we are not exactly sure where the heaviest proportion of that is going to hit."

She added: "South east England, the East Midlands and East Anglia are going to see the heaviest and most persistent rain and it could spread into east and north east England and the West Midlands."

The west of Scotland, north west England and Northern Ireland will see the best temperatures and should remain dry.

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