Are these the world's worst tourist attractions?


Where are the world's worst attractions for tourists? Mostly in Asia and the UK, it seems. If you're looking to avoid a really bad day out, you might want to steer clear of these terrible museums and theme parks.

The oddest things draw tourists from around the globe, including museums of human excrement, human hair, truly naff waxworks and a famous monument that simply doesn't match the hype. The question is: why on earth do we insist on going to see them in our thousands?

Take India's Museum of Toilets, which, apparently really is just a load of old toilet. And if you ever thought Disney was a bit naff, wait til you see the Shijingshan Amusement Park in China - a cringeworthy rip-off of the real Disneyland. Then there's Woodhenge, in the good old UK, which isn't a joke - it is believed to be a Neolithic temple.

Discover more of the world's worst tourist sights below, including a couple of rather embarrassing ones in the UK. And remember to tell us where you've had the worst day out in the comments section...

The world's worst tourist attractions?

The world's worst tourist attractions?

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