BA investigates after two 'air hostesses' strip off in raunchy YouTube video


A video posted on YouTube titled "Sexy Two Air Hostesses", which shows an air stewardess stripping and being rinsed off in a bath by a colleague, is being investigated by British Airways.

The eight-minute clip shows one of the hostesses getting into a bath, believed to be in a hotel during a stopover between flights, as the other showers and massages her.

The stripping stewardess then removes her uniform and is seen in her lingerie.

A BA spokesman told The Sun: "We have been aware of the video for a couple of weeks but we have no evidence yet to confirm whether or not they are current BA employees. Our investigations continue."

According to the Daily Mail, it is not clear whether the women work for British Airways or are just wearing the airline's uniforms.

The clip has been viewed over 115,000 times.

One YouTube user commented: "Reminds me why I became a pilot."

Guess the airline cabin crew

Guess the airline cabin crew

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