Pictures: Meet the spider that looks like Borat in a mankini


Meet the spider that looks like Borat in a mankini

Remind you of anyone? This spider shares more than a passing resemblance to the character Borat - as it appears to be dressed in his mankini.

The tiny critter, spotted in Bangalore, India, sports green mankini-coloured legs as well as markings that resemble the fictitious Kazakhstani TV presenter's trademark moustache.

Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy character lookalike, the Araneus mitificus, was spotted by software engineer Anand Joshi, 24, who noticed the eight-legged creature as it was crawling towards his front door.

Meet the spider that looks like Borat in a mankini

Anand, who enjoys photographing spiders, said that when he saw the insect his first reaction was to approach it and begin snapping away.

As well as the insect's resemblance to the protagonist in Baron Cohen's controversial 2006 movie, which grossed over $260 million at the box office, Anand said that he has also had friends compare the insect to aliens, devils and Hollywood movie predators.

He told Caters News: "When I first saw the spider I immediately notice a human face with a moustache

"I saw the face pattern on it and was really amazed and happy because I have never seen such a creature before.

"I really like spiders. The way they construct their web and the way they hunt is fascinating."

And also the way they sometimes look like Borat...

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