Passenger plane engine catches fire minutes after take-off


Passenger plane engine catches fire minutes after take-off

A plane's engine caught fire just minutes after take-off from Karachi's Jinnah International Airport on Sunday night.

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane PK 213 was headed for Dubai, and had only been mid-air for five minutes when one of its engines caught fire.

According to, over 50 passengers were on the plane when the incident occurred.

PIA spokesman Mashoor Tajwar told that all the 62 on board, 54 passengers and the plane's crew, were unharmed.

The site added that the control tower issued a red alert in preparation for the plane's return emergency landing.

Locals in the Korangi area reported hearing a loud noise from the "low-flying" plane.

Passengers will continue their journey to Dubai on another flight that scheduled to take off at 1.30am on Monday.

15 flights from hell

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