Video: Man jumps overboard to revive 300lb bull shark


A catch and release angler has been filmed jumping into the water to help revive a huge bull shark that was left too exhausted to swim away.

According to the Bleacher Report, catch and release usually involves the fisherman removing the hook and watching the shark swim away.

But this animal was struggling, so the fisherman decided to jump over board and help it swim away safely.

The scene was caught on a friend's mobile, and the video was uploaded to YouTube, along with the caption: "Caught and released this shark by swimming because the shark was so exhausted I needed to give it a kick start.

"The fish was released perfectly and the hook was removed. This is one of the larger bull sharks I've caught at Charlie's Reef."

The fisherman was with the Gasparilla Big Game, a charter service in Florida, reports the Huffington Post.

The man heeds the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's advice for reviving, which reads: "Revive fish by moving them forward in the water or in a figure-eight (to back and forth) to promote water flow over the gills."

The man's friend can be heard saying: "He could just turn around and destroy you."

Indeed, bull sharks, along with tiger sharks and great whites, are the world's most likely sharks to attack humans.

But, as it was the fishermen's fault the animal was so exhausted, perhaps it was only fair.

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