Man asks for horse to be 'removed' after sore buttocks on riding holiday


Man asks for horse to be 'removed' after sore buttocks on riding holiday

A man asked for a horse to be removed from a stables after returning from a horse riding holiday in the Dominican Republic with sore buttocks.

The bizarre complaint is just one of a host of the weirdest booking requests revealed by's customer service team.

The the man even sent in photographs of his red bum cheeks as evidence and named the offending horse.

Other strange requests included a man asking not to be called back about his booking and suggesting a code-word be used instead of his name because he would be travelling with his son's wife rather than his own.

And, upon returning from holiday, a jealous boyfriend called the customer support team to demand that a club entertainer who had looked at his girlfriend be fired.

David Beatley Head of Customer Operations at, told Aol Travel: "With customers seeking 100% satisfaction from their holidays, their requests do sometimes uncover very personal needs!"

Check out our gallery of silliest-ever holiday complaints, below

Silliest ever holiday complaints

Silliest ever holiday complaints

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