Outrage as Diana film poster placed at fatal crash site in Paris


Outrage after poster advertising Diana film placed at fatal crash site in Paris

The decision to install a poster advertising the new Diana film next to the road tunnel where the princess died in Paris has been branded a "crass" marketing move.

The film poster, showing star Naomi Watts in character as Diana, Princess Of Wales, has appeared on a billboard advertising sign next to the Pont de l'Alma in Paris.

It was in this tunnel that the car carrying the princess was involved in a fatal crash in 1997.

The move comes as the new film opened in Paris.

Rosa Monckton, who was once a close friend of Diana's, told the Daily Mail she was outraged. She said: "I really don't have any words to describe how I feel about this cynical and shameless attempt to publicise a film that should never have been made.

"To have made a film so speculative and as this is disgusting enough, but to then advertise it on the spot at which she died is despicable."

According to ITV News, she added: "I cannot imagine that any company could stoop so low. It is a terrible intrusion into her memory, not to mention the lives of her sons, whose feelings are often forgotten in these stories. I would expect them to take it down right now."

In fact, the company who placed it there has said it was not a conscious decision, and removed the posters on Monday afternoon, reports Deadline.com.

Advertising agency JCDecaux removed them at the request of French distributor Le Pacte.

A spokesman at Le Pacte told Deadline.com that exact locations of poster are not hand picked in a campaign, rather are part of perhaps thousands in a global network. The Place de L'Alma placement was therefore explained as "a coincidence".

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