CAA 'regrets' suggesting Virgin pilots suffering 'severe fatigue' were both asleep


CAA 'regrets' suggesting Virgin pilots suffering 'severe fatigue' were both asleep

Two Virgin Atlantic pilots suffered "symptoms of severe fatigue" on a flight into the UK but were not both asleep, the Civil Aviation Authority has admitted.

The CAA apologised for its "incomplete" account of the incident and expressed "regret" for suggesting the pilot and co-pilot were asleep at the same time during the flight.

According to Metro, the CAA is satisfied that one pilot was awake while the other slept.

A spokesperson said: "Following clarification from the airline concerned, the CAA is satisfied that while this was a reportable event, and both pilots were concerned they were suffering symptoms of severe fatigue and took controlled rest separately, they did not fall asleep at the same time."

The CAA added that Virgin Atlantic is "now taking steps to adjust its rostering arrangements for flight crew".

The pilot and co-pilot were believed to have put the passenger plane from Orlando to Manchester on autopilot during the flight in August. They then took it in turns to have 20 minutes of rest after only having five hours of sleep in the previous 36 hours.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesman told the Daily Mail: "We're pleased the CAA has apologised and rectified its error."

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