Student hit by train after homeless man pushes her onto tracks


Student hit by train after homeless man pushes her onto tracks

A 21-year-old student was pushed onto railway tracks in front of an oncoming train at a station in New York on Wednesday.

The woman had reportedly refused to give a homeless man money and the 39-year-old pushed her onto the tracks at White Plains station, leaving her with horrific injuries.

Speaking to CBS Local, newsagent Gary Waxman at the station said: "A homeless man hangs out in front here - decides he wants to inflict some pain to somebody, asks somebody for change.

"And one girl upstairs decides to come out of bathroom. She refused to give him money, and he pushed her in front of the train.

"Fingers were gone, legs were mangled - that's what I heard from police. That's what they told me."

The Metro-North train that pulled into the station was empty.

Several commuters saw the man, who was later identified as Howard J. Mickens, push the student. They followed him and notified police.

According to, Mickens has been charged with attempted murder.

Mickens, who lives in a White Plains shelter, has 11 previous arrests, including five described as alleged violent felonies.

Eyewitness News reports that the woman is in a stable condition and underwent surgery on her leg.

Her brother, who asked the new site not to reveal their identity, said: "I'm just thankful that she's alive."

ABC Local reports that after she was pushed, a train station officer climbed down to the tracks to help her and calm her down. She was rushed to hospital.

One witness said: "What I know for sure is at least several fingers were amputated which they took on ice."

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