Which city has the world's most dishonest residents?


Imagine this: you're on a city break, taking in all the sites and generally having a wonderful time, when suddenly you realise you've dropped your wallet. What are the chances that you'll ever be reunited with it?

Well, it depends which city you're in. A study has found that If you're visiting Prague, for example, it's highly unlikely that your precious purse will ever been handed in, but if you lose it during a city break to Mumbai it's probable that you'll be reunited with it.

American magazine Reader's Digest carried out a study to see how honest the residents of various cities around the world really are. It dropped wallets in a number of locations, including parks and shopping centres, to see if they would be returned to their owners.

Each wallet contained £30 in local currency, business cards, a mobile phone number and a family photo.

So where was the most honest city? And which nationality were the least likely to hand in the money? Find out by clicking on our gallery below!

World's most honest (and dishonest) cities

World's most honest (and dishonest) cities

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