Passenger with two broken legs gets stuck in plane seat


Easyjet flight stranded after passenger with two broken legs gets stuck in seat

An Easyjet plane was left stuck at Stansted Airport because a passenger with two broken legs couldn't get out of his seat.

The Daily Mirrorreports that the man, who had boarded the flight in Split, Croatia, told flight attendants that he was trapped in his seat - and it took four hours for help to arrive to help him disembark.

Although other travellers were able to leave the plane, the onward flight to Glasgow was seriously delayed, leaving passengers furious.

A spokesman for Easyjet told the paper: "We can confirm that a passenger was unable to disembark flight EZY3022 from Split on arrival at Stanstead due to requiring medical attention.

"The passenger has two broken legs however Stansted Airport's special assistance provider informed Easyjet that it is unable to assist the passenger.

"Therefore Easyjet has arranged for a private ambulance to help the passenger disembark from the plane and provide medical assistance.

"Unfortunately this issue has resulted in a delay to our return flight to Glasgow.

"We would like to apologise to our passengers affected by this delay for any inconvenience caused."

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