Belfast flight cancelled "after screw comes loose on oven"


More than 150 passengers were left stranded at Belfast International Airport when their flight was grounded - because a screw had come loose in an oven.

Passengers due to fly on the United Airlines flight to New York were on board the plane for more than two hours before being asked to disembark, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

They were given meal vouchers and put up in hotels overnight, after spending more than six hours waiting to find out if their flight would leave.

Journalist Rodney Edwards, who was among the passengers, said on his Twitter account: "People frustrated. One lady fears she will miss daughter's wedding."

He said the pilot told passengers that this was the first time in aviation history that an issue with an oven had led to a flight being cancelled.

A spokesman for the airline told the Belfast Telegraph that the flight had been cancelled following an "unexpected technical issue."

" We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused," he said.

The delayed flight was scheduled to depart this morning.

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