Siberian tiger crept up and killed zookeeper with bite to neck


Siberian tiger crept up and killed zookeeper with bite to neck

A zookeeper has died after being attacked by a Siberian tiger at a zoo in Muenster, Germany.

According to reports, the 57-year-old, named as Martin H, was laying out food for tiger Rasputin in the outdoor tiger enclosure while the animals were locked inside. However, it is thought that the door between the two enclosures hadn't been secured properly and Rasputin was able to sneak up behind the man and attack him from behind.

The animal then bit him fatally on the neck.

At a press conference, zoo chief Jörg Adler described Martin H as an "experienced" keeper, but added: "We can install only so much technology and so many alarms, when it comes down to it it's the keeper who decides."

According to Bild newspaper, translated by The Local, Dieter Knaack, 55, spokesman for Münster fire service said: "He [Rasputin] sprang on his back as fast as lightning from behind and killed him with a bite on his neck. The zookeeper had no chance. He died immediately."

Sky News reports that the keeper was attacked in front of visitors.

It is believed the 10-year-old tiger will not be put down.

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