Vomiting bug hits 130 holidaymakers on luxury cruise ship


Vomiting bug hits 130 holidaymakers on luxury cruise ship

A gastroenteritis outbreak on a 12-night luxury Fred Olsen cruise has hit 130 passengers.

The Black Watch cruise ship, which travelled to Scandinavia and St Petersburg, returned to Rosynth, Fife on Friday where it is currently docked.

The ship departed on 8 September with 778 holidaymakers on board.

Specialist cleaners and health inspectors checked and cleaned the ship.

A Fred Olsen spokeswoman told The Independent: "Every effort was made to contain the illness, in accordance with onboard medical protocols. Representatives from the local health authorities have been on board the ship this morning and have confirmed that they are satisfied with the containment and preventative measures being undertaken by the ship."

Speaking to the BBC, the spokeswoman added: "It is frustrating that, even with the extra preventative and containment measures that were put in place, a number of guests on board suffered from this illness, which is common in hospitals, schools, hotels, cruise ships and other areas where people are in close proximity."

The company said that passengers who were due to set off on Black Watch last night for an Iberian cruise were informed of the situation.

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