Best photo bomb ever? Giraffe ruins couple's pic at Six Flags theme park


Best photo bomb ever? Giraffe ruins couple's pic at Six Flags theme park

This is the hilarious moment a giraffe decided to ruin a couple's special moment by photo bombing their picture.

The confident giraffe decided to go neck and neck with the two in an attempt to steal the limelight.

Already known for his silly behaviour, Conan the giraffe is a regular culprit for photo bombing at Six Flags Adventure Land, New Jersey, USA.

Couple, Deirdre Mead and Jonathan Itskov were at Six Flags celebrating Deirdre's birthday but had no idea they would get the picture of a lifetime as a special birthday treat.

Deirdre didn't realise that Conan had completely covered her boyfriend's face when the picture was taken and that the cheeky giraffe was sticking out its tongue while her back was turned.

She told Caters News: "This particular giraffe is known for being a little silly, it was sticking its face in front of other people as well.

"I started to laugh when Conan arrived but I wanted the picture to look nice so I just smiled, I had no idea that it was completely covering Jon's face.

"I love giraffes, almost as much as Jon, so people think it's great that Conan took Jon out of the picture.

"Giraffes are my favourite animals so getting to meet Conan was a wonderful birthday gift from Jon."

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