14 'drunk' Scots thrown off diverted Prestwick to Ibiza flight


14 'drunk' Scots thrown off diverted Prestwick to Ibiza flight

A Ryanair flight from Prestwick to Ibiza had to divert to Beauvais airport on Tuesday night - to remove 14 Scottish holidaymakers causing drunken chaos.

Police and the airline said the 14 tourists were removed after getting drunk on duty-free alcohol on the plane, before they started dancing and heckling people mid-air.

According to msn.co.nz, their behaviour was so bad, the pilot decided to divert to Beauvais, just north of Paris.

But the passengers were so drunk, "they thought they had already arrived in Ibiza", a police spokesman said.

The plane took off again later on in the evening and, according to news.com.au, the troublesome passengers were released in the early hours of Wednesday and directed to a train station to head to Paris.

An airline spokesman apologised for the incident, and told news.stv.tv: "A Ryanair flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Ibiza diverted into Paris Beauvais after a small group of passengers became disruptive on board.

"On arrival, police removed and detained these 14 individuals. Ryanair apologised to the other 160 passengers for any inconvenience and delay to their journey, but will not tolerate unruly or disruptive passengers.

"This matter is now being dealt with by the French police."

The incident comes just six weeks after passengers were forced to endure a flight from hell when a group of 30 yobs ran riot on another Ryanair plane from Prestwick to Ibiza.

The men reportedly swore, threatened and even sexually harassed crew in front of families with young children.

The BBC reports that the men became disruptive during flight FF694. Police boarded the plane when it landed in Ibiza and removed a number of individuals before other passengers disembarked.

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