The best things about flying - as chosen by you!

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Ahh the glamour of flying. That feeling of getting on the plane, sitting back and relaxing as you're waited on and taken to exotic climes. As you probably guessed, we love air travel and all the luxuries surrounding it. But we're biased. So we decided to ask you guys on Facebook to tell us your favourite things about flying, in association with British Airways.

From 'turning left' on the aeroplane and entering the 'VIP' cabins, to that excited feeling in your stomach during take-off, find out what other like-minded globetrotters enjoy most about being on a plane.

If you've ever flown with British Airways, you'll know it's all about the onboard comfort, cuisine and entertainment. The My High Life Entertainment Facebook app allows you to plan the free time you have on your flight to spend exactly as you wish (with no phones or emails as a distraction - hurrah!), so you can select your travel dates and destination, and the app will tell you how many hours you have to keep yourself entertained with the movies, TV shows, music and games available to you during the flight.

The airline also takes haute cuisine to a new level (literally!) with its Height Cuisine. Being 30,000 feet above ground can really alter your palate, so you'll want the food and wines that taste as amazing in the air as they do on the ground. We're not talking dry plane food - think succulent chicken tikka, Provençale vegetable lasagne with a creamy yellow tomato sauce and delicious chocolate cheesecake.

Check out the best things about flying - as selected by YOU...

The best things about flying

The best things about flying

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