Ten-foot rock python kills family's pet husky


Ten-foot rock python kills family's pet Husky

A family in Florida watched in horror as their pet Siberian husky was crushed to death by a ten-foot African rock python in their back garden.

The rare attack on the dog on 30 August happened after a proliferation of the python species in the area.

"We do know there is a colony of these types of pythons concentrated in a six-square mile area in southwest Miami-Dade County," a Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission told CBS Local.

New York Daily News published an image (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT) of the snake coiling itself around the 60lb dog's neck.

When the owner discovered her pet pooch being squeezed to death, she frantically dialled emergency services for help.

Her son slashed the snake's body with garden scissors to lure the predator away from the dog but it was too late.

When rescue staff arrived, they declared the dog had died within five minutes of the attack.

The python was killed and has been sent to the University of Florida for a necropsy.

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