Is Disneyland Paris 'falling apart'? 5,000 sign petition against atttraction


Is Disneyland Paris 'falling apart'? 5,000 sign petition against atttraction

Thousands of theme park fans have signed a petition against Disneyland Paris over alleged "broken rides", "lack of live stage shows" and "bad food".

The petition was signed by over 5,000 people and sent to Walt Disney's chief executive Bob Iger.

Belgian visitor Guillaume Gallant started the petition and told The Independent: "We received our dishes in less than five minutes which is obviously too short a time for our food to have been cooked after we ordered.

He added that "ride breakdowns are already common under normal circumstances but I've never seen so many of them... The loss of entertainment even reaches a critical point this year, as it's the first summer season with not a single stage show at all in the Disneyland Park.

"This is a first in DLP history and probably among all the Disney parks world-wide."

According to the Daily Mail, the petition claims the food outlets at the attraction are expensive and have "early" closing times.

"When Disneyland Park closes at 11pm, you would expect to be able to have a nice evening dinner, not to discover the restaurant closed at 7.30pm," it reads.

"These short opening hours make it impossible to book a meal for later in the day - you either have to plan ahead or settle for counter service offerings in Disneyland Park or Disney Village."

A Disneyland Paris spokesperson told The Independent: "We take guest comments very seriously and use them to help us evaluate our processes and procedures."

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