Is this the ugliest animal in the world?


Blobfish voted world's ugliest animal

Meet the blobfish, aka world's ugliest animal.

This sad-looking creature has won a public vote to become the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, created to raise awareness of creatures whose risk of extinction is ignored because they're not "cuddly" enough.

The society began as a science-themed comedy night and devised its mascot campaign to draw attention to "aesthetically challenged" threatened species.

The winner was announced at the British Science Festival in Newcastle.

The blobfish, an endangered species found in the waters off the coast of Australia, tops a list that includes the huge-nosed proboscis monkey, the similarly afflicted pig-nosed turtle, an amphibian affectionately known as a "scrotum frog" and pubic lice.

Biologist and TV presenter Simon Watt, president of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, said he hoped the campaign would draw attention to the threats facing these weird and wonderful creatures.

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World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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