Barbados offers tourists 'free' spending money


Barbados entices tourists with 'free' spending money

Barbados is offering UK tourists up to £128 spending money if they visit the Caribbean island.

The 'free' spending money offer is an attempt to reverse the 10 per cent decline in visitor numbers following the recent increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD), TravelMole reports.

A Barbados Tourism Authority spokeswoman said the initiative was launched after the APD increase, which has seen a decrease in British visitors to the island year on year.

The Barbados Island Inclusive offer provides holidaymakers with a voucher based on the length of their stay. They can redeem it at a number of restaurants, hotels, tour companies, shops and car hire on the island.

Trips must be booked by 21 September for travel up to 21 December.

According to the Daily Telegraph, visitors who stay at least five nights will receive $150 (£96) per person and those who stay for seven nights or more will receive a $200 (£128) voucher.

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