Four-foot shark washes up on UK beach


Four-foot shark washes up on UK beach

A four-foot shark has been found washed up on Redcar beach in the north east of England.

The male porbeagle shark, which is a relative of the great white shark, was found on the beach by a member of the public at around 9am, reports the BBC.

The remains were removed by Redcar and Cleveland council, and John Richardson, conservation officer for the Shark Trust, said although they are not uncommon on the UK coastline, it was rare for the species to wash up on shore.

It is thought the shark could have been hit by a boat or a ship.

A number of people took to social media to talk about the sighting.

According to the Gazette Live, one Facebook user wrote: "Our sea is perfect for sharks, I just think it's pretty wonderful we've managed to see one, it's very rare we get to see them and they're beautiful."

It is thought the warmer summer weather has brought more sharks to UK waters this year.

A number of fishermen have even said they've spotted what they believe to be a great white shark in Cornwall.

However, the Shark Trust dismissed the sightings as a "scare story".

Wonders of the sea

Wonders of the sea

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