Over-attentive waiters make holidays hellish for Brits, says survey


Lecherous waiters are one of the top ten irritations that ruin holidays for Brits, according to a new survey.

Housetrip.com reports that one in seven men say they have had to step in when restaurant staff approach female customers.

Top of the list of irritations came hidden charges, with cramped space, stag and hen parties, rude receptionists and sun loungers reserved with towels also scoring highly.

Speaking in the Daily Express, a spokesman for HouseTrip.com said: "Clearly there are many small things that can contribute towards making a holiday hellish. It's not just big disasters like losing your luggage. Over-attentive waiters play their part."

What's your top holiday irritation? Tell us below!

Silliest ever holiday complaints

Silliest ever holiday complaints

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